Free Basin’ Friday | LHI Box Set Giveaway!


This week we have a very special Free Basin’ Friday. We will be giving away a standard edition copy of  the LHI Box Set, There’s A Dream I’ve Been Saving. 

LITA109_StandardEdition (henry)

In celebration of the recently released box set, we have put up a handful of billboards throughout the east side of Los Angeles commemorating the return of Lee Hazlewood Industries. So, for your chance to win this week’s prize, we want you to take a picture of yourself in front of at least 5 of the billboards and post them to Instagram using the hashtag #lhiboxset. The first person to complete the challenge wins. The winner will be chosen next friday.

For hints at where some of the billboards are located, check out the “Who Is Lee Hazlewood?” video below by our friend and filmmaker Michael Reich…