Free Basin’ Fridays – Indonesian private psych rock with Benny Soebardja “The Lizard Years”

OK so we’re a bit on the early side for Free Basin’ Fridays, but we have a top secret reissue mission tomorrow so won’t be at the ole computer tapping away. Anyway, earlier this week we featured the four great releases by Benny Soebardja on the always amazing Strawberry Rain label. Pure slabs of raw Indonesian psych rock, these three full album LP reissues (super limited quantities) and the essential collection The Lizard Years (2x CD) are out now and you can pick them up here. For this week’s Free Basin’ Fridays (yeah, we know we’re a bit early!), we’re giving away a copy of the 2x CD anthology The Lizard Years, which collects the three albums Lizard, Gut Rock, and Night Train and is fleshed out with a nice 36-page book full of vintage concert photos, album covers, and information about Benny’s musical history.

For your chance to win, leave a comment below and include your name and email address (kept private). Tell us about your favorite Indonesian rock band or favorite private press rock album… Winner will be announced next Friday, June 1 and 12PM.