Free Basin’ Fridays – Michael Chapman!!!

Friday, January 27th, 2012

Thanks to everyone that left comments for our Wheedle’s Groove giveaway for the premiere of Free Basin’ Fridays. There were so many good ones but Chris Celeste had us in stiches with “TGIFBF!” That’s our new Twitter hashtag for this series! Big winner was out of Kansas by the name of Jeremy. But don’t sweat, you’ve got another chance to pick up some quality wax…for free, every Friday!

This week, in celebration of Michael Chapman’s 71st birthday on Tuesday and the our new reissue of his debut album, Rainmaker (out now!), we’re giving away not one but two LPs! Yup, enter for your chance to win a deluxe 180-gram copy of Chapman’s aforementioned debut, Rainmaker (LITA 079) and last year’s reissue of his follow-up, Fully Qualified Survivor (LITA 060), both originally released on Harvest Records in 1969 and 1970, respectively. With these two puppies in your collection, you’ll be smiling for miles.

So, leave us a comment below for your chance to win. Don’t forget to put in your email address (kept private) so we can contact you if you’re the winner. To keep things fair, please don’t enter if you’ve won a giveaway of ours in the last two months. We do these every Friday, every week, so plenty of chances to pick up some goodies. The winner for this giveaway will be announced next Friday at 12pm PST. See you then!

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24 Responses to “Free Basin’ Fridays – Michael Chapman!!!”

  1. Abbey says:

    oh please. oh please. oh please. i must’ve listened to “You Say” at least 40 times on the Soundcloud stream.

  2. adam c. says:

    happy birthday mr. chapman. i hope i win your records for free, but i know i’ll be picking up rainmaker either way. sincerely, adam c.

  3. Jim Bruzzese says:

    Sweet spin

  4. cangrejoide says:

    what a pretty little ditty

  5. uwmryan says:

    I love the one track I heard yesterday. plus my vinyl collection is feeling pretty stale these days. keep up the good work.

  6. jrqbliss says:


  7. dicedicedice says:

    i want this

  8. Henry Bob says:

    Greetings from Seattle,
    I would be most grateful if I were to get these two glorious albums.

  9. dave says:

    o LITA, LITA
    u r the best!
    even with out the awesome music
    the gatefolds are a thing
    of beauty

  10. David says:

    I LOVE these re-issues; some of the best stuff LITA has done so far, in my estimation, and that’s saying a lot given all of the other great stuff you’ve unleashed to the music buying public.

    Are you going to release any of Chapman’s other LPs for the Harvest label (Window, Wrecked Again)? Also, the Original Owners live LP is particularly choice.

  11. Lawdrone says:

    Pretty sure I won’t win, but I’ve got FQS on cd & can only imagine how much more amazing it’d sound on vinyl.

  12. Stephen R Herbison says:

    LITA you have no peers. There is no other label on the planet that comes close. You have my vote for the GREATEST LABEL EVA !!!!!

  13. RJ says:

    I’d love these on vinyl. Frickin recession!

  14. Nil says:

    Count me in.

  15. dnorsen says:

    if i was willing to cut my beard you know it would be formed into michael chapman mutton-chops.

  16. Eric Falardeau says:

    Good stuff. Fully qualified was an eye opener. Is it me or Dabid Bowie’s Hunky Dory has more than just Mike Roson in common with that album? Can’t wait to hear LITA new Chapman’s release!

  17. Johnny Greene says:

    Incredible, fantastic!! As a gawky teenager, I chatted to Michael when he was waiting for a ride after playing support for the Sutherland Brothers and Quiver! This was in Swansea, Wales back in the mid 70s. He was such a lovely guy–only too happy to talk to and joke with some pesky young whippersnappers. Music was brilliant too. A life changing event… Glad to see you’re back in the public eye where you belong Michael.

  18. Griffin Waterman says:

    I had never heard of this guy until you started reissuing his records. This is dope stuff. Keep it up!

  19. Mark Harris says:

    LITA, please scratch the itch that Fully Qualified Survivor has left!

  20. Tom Shrack says:

    Fully Qualified Survivor is a full-on masterpiece, Mick Ronson’s guitar-playing is the icing on the cake. And Rainmaker is so damn charming in a ramshackle sort of way. Listening to them is every bit as addictive as free-basing (um, I heard that somewhere about free-basing). I promise to give these two treasures a loving home.

  21. Andrew says:

    My fav record label. Keep the awesome reissues coming LITA.

  22. Kaley says:

    LITA introduced me to Michael last year and I couldn’t be more grateful. Caught him twice opening for Bill Callahan and couldn’t have had a better time.

  23. Quincy says:

    Thank you so much LITA for putting Morphine ‘cure for pain’ on wax. I beg you, do the same with ‘the night’ or ‘good’! I listened to Wendy Rene on YouTube, ‘after laughter’ and it made all my tiny hairs stand at attention. That is going to be my next purchase, can’t wait to hear it on vinyl. Lovely LITA, waxy babe, Where would I be without you?!

  24. Rick Balsley says:

    So much music, so little time!

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