Free Basin’ Fridays…Modern Classics Recordings edition

Friday, February 3rd, 2012

All right kids. It’s Friday and it’s time to get free. This week we’re doing a special giveaway for one of our newest imprints, Modern Classics Recordings. We’re gettin’ all 90s on your ass today…so this is your chance to get your hands on our deluxe LP reissues of Mercury Rev’s Deserter’s Songs (MCR 900) and Morphine’s Cure For Pain (MCR 901). So you know the drill, leave a comment below with your favorite Modern Classic or a memory about these albums and we’ll announce the winner next Friday. Boss!

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23 Responses to “Free Basin’ Fridays…Modern Classics Recordings edition”

  1. dnorsen says:

    whats a better cure for pain then a good ol’ free basin’ friday??? the first time i heard morphine a friend put a mix of CFP and yes on a 90 min cassette. the other 80s minutes are forgotten to me, but morphine i still hold very close to my heart and i always recognize the mark sandman square sign outside the middle east in cambridge. and i went to school where david fridmann teaches recording. i can’t shake the 90s!

  2. Michael Andrews says:

    Love the way Mark Sandman made the bass the main instrument of the band…great album! Howsabout releasing some 6 String Drag (Hi-Hat, especially) as a modern classic?

  3. Jim says:

    I was a bit too young in the 90′s to have developed a taste for good music so unfortunately have no memories of these albums, which I am just discovering now. Thankfully there are labels like this that can revive what I missed out on as kid for me to enjoy now that I know what’s good, and these certainly are great!

  4. Smoky says:

    Introduced to the band by Mark’s proponent Les Claypool, who pointed out that his own green bullet harmonica microphone bore the name SANDMAN in memory and deference to the singular power of that sweet slow panacea I now know as Morphine.

  5. Cahn Curtis says:

    Mercury Rev were always a mystery to me and I didn’t like D.S. the first time I heard it. Until I went on a road trip with my friend and he put it on. Boy was my mind changed quick. It actually reminds me never to judge something upon first impressions.

  6. jamiebliss says:


  7. coolwhite says:

    Cure for Pain reminds me of the drive from Champaign, IL to Chicago to see Morphine nye ’98, moving into ’99. twas an epic night …. including the door of our cab being ripped off by a chicago transit bus, being “held captive” by the cabbie, fleeing captivity, sneaking into the line whilst avoiding being spotted by aforementioned cabbie and cops. we celebrated by rolling numbers in the venue. the one and only time i saw them live. alas, Mr. Sandman would pass away seven months later. it’s too bad that on 9-9-99 he wasn’t sittin’ on the back porch drinkin’ red wine.

  8. mike says:

    I grew up in Boston and became a fan of Morphine after hearing them on WBCN’s local music show “Boston Emissions.” I believe there is still a cassette copy of Morphine’s first album hiding somewhere in my parent’s basement. I had the original – released on Accurate Records. Later it was re-issued by Ryko. Thanks LiTA for bringing back the great music of Morphine.

  9. chad says:

    Every time I hear morphine it takes me back to college in Boone, NC. I shared an apartment one year with my older brother and it seemed like all he listened to was cure for pain for several months. My brother passed back in 2006, and I heard the CD for the first time in years just recently. I was floored when I heard those songs again. It took me right back to college and all the great times we had drinking cheap beer, playing Foosball, and all the other dumb stuff I,d rather not admit to anymore To me no matter how good the CD is (which is incredible by the way) it will forever be associated with my older brother and all the great times we had together. Thanks for letting me share.

  10. Warren says:

    Cure For Pain is a great album and very well used by David O. Russell in his first feature film, “Spanking the Monkey.”

  11. jeremy says:

    I tell you what, I could listen to “Endlessly,” well…frequently.

  12. Nil says:

    Wow, almost 20 years passed since Morphine “Cure For Pain”. Where was I?

  13. Henry Bob says:

    Hello all,
    have a nice week.

  14. David says:

    Honestly, I was never a big fan of either Morphine or Mercury Rev. I was heavily involved in college radio back in the ’90s, these albums came around and never really piqued my interest. Maybe hearing them w/ fresh ears some many years later will change my mind.

    As for my choice for a modern classic – - Unsane’s first eponymous album on Matador from ’91, any/everything by Spacemen 3, the Unrest catalog …

    Also, did you announce who won the Michael Chapman LPs? I can’t find anywhere. Thanks.

  15. Ah,I recall morphine in the 90′s as the 1 band that had no guitar,and you even didn’t miss it,@ all(and thus is coming from a geetar freak,ya dig)?! My fave track was the b-side,’down love’s tributaries’,what a track? I use 2 throw that down on mixtapes,right?
    So what can be said of thee almighty MR? I got an import cd whine other than suicide legend Alan Vega doing spoken word over a track that was almost a 1/2 hour,and I’ll be damned if I can think of the title,someting blues er other,argh/urgh?!
    I just love those kinda bands,uncategorized,no genre,no wave,OK(alright,now gimme those vinyls,ASAP,or you’re under house arrest,and while you’re @ it,break me off those miss Betty Davis reissues,w/bonus tracks as well,and hurry the hell up,YO)?!

    Cheers you lot!
    Peace 1 love 2 the world

  16. Sean Ankrom says:

    Aw man, I always forget about Free Basin’ Friday until the weekends almost over. Appropriately titled, as LITA releases are pretty much crack for me and probably everybody else commenting on this site.

  17. Griffin Waterman says:

    Deserter’s Songs got me through middle school.

  18. lg says:

    I remember seeing a video of Morphine on tv in the early 90′s and though i was not that great. I guess I was too young.

  19. Eric Falardeau says:

    Morphine’s Cure For Pain : that says a lot.

  20. Mike Babani says:

    Like the sword of Gryffindor, Deserter’s Songs found me in a time of need. Delta sun bottleneck stomp stands out in my mind, but the whole album is brilliant. This shit changed my life y’all.

  21. Joshua Davis says:

    I remember Mercury Rev putting on some amazing live shows in the 90′s. To me Deserter’s Songs was their hi point that they never reached again.

  22. Quincy says:

    Morphine on wax, thank you! LITA, at some point I will own everything that you have put out on wax. I must have some goals in life! I saw Morphine at a music festival in wisconsin in the mid 90s. ‘French fries with pepper’ was memorable, they were on one of the small stages, it was perfect. I beg you, ‘good’ or ‘the night’ or ‘like swimming’ on wax too!

  23. rick smith says:

    I know this is late for the contest, but hey, it’s a fun story… I remember travelling from Van BC to see Mercury Rev in Bellingham, WA for the Deserters Songs Tour. I think they had better sense than to try to cross the border at the time ;-), so the Bellingham show constituted their “Western Cdn Tour” – they even put a Cdn flag on their amp stack! Anyway, I packed up two friends and my pregnant wife into my old 64 Nova Station Wagon (that broke down on the way there!!) but when we did finally get there we were totally transported by their transcendental show. Definitely worth the trip. My boy is now 12 and a budding musician… I’d like to think there’s been some in-utero influence…

    thanks for bringing back the memories…

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