Free Basin’ Fridays – RODRIGUEZ!

Friday, April 6th, 2012

It’s been a crazy year for Rodriguez. The documentary Searching For Sugar Man was one of the first films to be purchased (by Sony Pictures Classics) at Sundance and picked up two awards on the way (World Cinema Audience Award: Documentary and World Cinema Documentary Special Jury Prize for its Celebration of the Artistic Spirit). Be sure there is some cool Rodriguez news in the coming months! After being out of print for the last year, Rodriguez Cold Fact (LITA 036) is finally available again on vinyl and to celebrate, we’re giving away a copy of Cold Fact for this week’s Free Basin’ Fridays.

For your chance to win, leave a comment below with your favorite Rodriguez album, song, or lyric. Be sure to include your name and email address (kept private and not shared) so we can contact you should you win! Winner announced next Friday, 4/13/12 at 12PM PST.

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22 Responses to “Free Basin’ Fridays – RODRIGUEZ!”

  1. Patrick says:

    “Like Janis” is my favorite.

  2. Only Good For Conversation.

  3. Tom says:

    Oh that’s tough. My answer today: Climb Up on My Music.

  4. Mike K says:

    “Lost my heart, when I found it, it had turned to dead black coal.”

  5. Henry Bob says:

    Cold fact is my favorite album. I really would like it on vinyl!

  6. Mike Clark says:

    “And you assume you got something to offer
    Secrets shiny and new
    But how much of you is repetition
    That you didn’t whisper to him too..”

    Or basically any verse from “Crucify Your Mind”. Startlingly brilliant.

  7. Joshua Davis says:

    That would have to be a ” Rich Folks Hoax”.

  8. Nathan Veshecco says:

    “This system’s gonna fall soon, to an angry young tune
    And that’s a concrete cold fact”
    Thank you for the music, Rodriguez..

  9. Andy Man Ginther says:

    Crucify your mind is my favorite cut! Ohhhh yeah! Rodriguez is the man!

  10. Jipman says:

    The track To Whom It May Concern off of Coming From Reality cd.

  11. Rich Z. in N.J. says:

    The inner city birthed me – The local pusher nursed me – Cousins make it on the street – They marry every trick they meet.

    Love the way he Rodriguez paints a not-so-pretty world. Rock on….

  12. dave caldwell says:

    I wonder how many times you had sex, I wonder do you know who’ll be next

  13. Ben says:

    I really love the Australian live album ‘Alive’, though my copy is long knackered and needs replacing. Wanna get on that, LITA?

  14. Kevin says:

    Thanks for your time, then you can thank me for mine, and after that’s said, forget it.

  15. Erik says:

    Jane S. Piddy is a lyrical howitzer.

  16. mikey says:

    This album represents the power of music

  17. rich says:

    Wow the the beginning of “Crucify Your Mind” blows me alway from the jump then damn the vibes kick in followed by that bass line and don’t forget the lyrics, what about those lyrics. Short, killer and powerful track. I assume this whole Lp has something to offer (and it does).

  18. Andrew says:

    Rich Folks Hoax: “So don’t tell me about your success, Nor your recipes for my happiness”Great song, great vibe during that chorus.

  19. Lisa says:

    Coming from Reality: “Climb up on my music and my songs will set you free…” isn’t that the truth? Rodriguez allows us all to liberate ourselves, to re-imagine the what ifs of 40 years ago, sitting in a room with a turntable and a great album, or as John Lennon would say, LP. You don’t get to just know the song or track; with an album, you get a story. And what a story Rodriguez has to tell! :)

  20. Jack Reed says:

    “I Wonder”…I love the rolling Bass riff that it starts out with

  21. Christian says:

    Nice research on this topic.

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