Friends of LITA | Q&A with Spencer Hickman of Death Waltz Recording Co.


We’re back this week with our Friends of LITA series. For this latest installment we ventured across the Atlantic to check in with our bud Spencer Hickman, the brains behind Death Waltz Recording Co. Read our interview with Spencer below where we discuss the Goblin tour, record stores and favorite Halloween films.

1. It’s been a bit since we last caught up. Since then, Death Waltz has been going bananas. How has the success affected the process of releasing a project?

Well I guess we have people coming to us now, our slate is packed, I am currently trying to figure out how the hell I am going to release everything without over saturating soundtrack fans… I also took on a staff member Carlos Colon who is helping me sign some pretty rad projects (he’s in LA) and we are planning our 2014 domination at the moment.


2. You’re getting ready for some mind blowing events with Italian prog rock gods Goblin. The band will be performing music from their most iconic scores, including Dario Argento’s Suspiria, Tenebrae, and Deep Red, along with George A. Romero’s Dawn of the Dead. What has it been like working with the band? Is this really their first ever U.S. shows?

Yeah it’s crazy right ? To think they went this long without playing the US , I saw them in the UK in 2009. Releasing a record by Goblin is pretty much a dream come true, it’s been really easy putting this project together and I get on with the guys really well.
We’re all really happy with how the EP turned out.

3. You’ll be in L.A. soon for the Goblin gigs. What record store do you hit the most when you’re in town?

All of them! Atomic, Amoeba, Permanent, Vacation, Poo Bah, Mount Analog. We hit all the spots!

4. With Halloween around the corner, what’re your top 5 must watch films for October 31st?

OK for me this is my ritual: Donnie Darko, Legend of Hell House, Trick or Treat, Halloween III, Texas Chainsaw Massacre

5. As always, can you give us some insight into what you’ve been jamming to lately?

Lots of Pye Corner Audio, Factory Floor, Oneohtrix Point Never, Bruce Langhorne, and that new Trevor Jackson comp Metal Dance 2