Grazia – “S/T” | Psychedelic Turkish Folk Recorded in Israel | Fortuna Records


Pre-orders are now open for Grazia – Grazia, the crown jewel of Koliphone Records. Grazia Peretz was a wonder kid in the Israel’s Jaffa folk music scene of the early seventies. She started singing at the age of nine, performing at Turkish weddings and Mediterranean nightclubs, sharing a stage with local legends such as Aris San and Trifonas. Soon enough, she became an in demand act for events up and down the country, eventually landing herself a weekly TV spot on the Channel 1 music segment.

At the age of 16 her father paid for her to record a full length “Hafla” style album at Israel’s Koliphone studios. Marko Bachar, who was the label’s in-house producer, arranger and keyboard player, was in charge of the project. Bachar had just sold his organ and bought a monophonic Moog synthesizer. The heavy and unique sound of his synth is heard well throughout the album, encouraged by Grazia herself, who wanted to break free from the conformities of Greek and Turkish folk music and introduce the early sounds of disco she and her peers were getting into.

Unfortunately the album never took off. The hard funk drums, pounding bass coupled with synth blips and psychedelic Turkish guitars was all a bit too much for the unsuspecting folk audience. Grazia never made another album. All she left us was this amazing gem, which became one of the most sought after Israeli records of all time. Thanks to the good people at Fortuna Records (who are now distributed in North America by us) this amazing album has been resurrected from obscurity and reissued on 180 gram wax that is housed in a deluxe gatefold jacket. There was only 1,000 copies pressed, so do not sleep on this pre-order now!