Times are tough in this country of ours.  Economic recession is rearing its ugly head and people are really struggling to get by.  Today, Intern Ralph had to sell half of his “potato chips that look like celebrities” collections just so he could have enough money to buy a can of white beans for lunch.  Times are most certainly tough.

On a serious note though, Daptone Records, one of the great labels operating right now, had their offices/studios broken in to last week, and a whole ton of their gear and assorted goods were foisted.  We couldn’t feel worse for the good people of Daptone Records so we wanted to make sure you, and all your friends knew that you can help this assortment of talented musicians get back on their feet.

Head on over to this website, and you can throw a few dollars (four dollars) in to helping Daptone not only get new gear, but quite possibly find the fucksticks who stole their original. Seriously, it’s only four dollars, don’t buy your precious daily bag of beef jerkey today and throw a wad of cash at a good cause.