Second monstrous week in our monstrous 1st Annual Light In The Attic Holiday Sale and we’re just tossing out more and more discounts to help lighten the stress on your wallet this holiday season.  Our second featured bundle is a doozy … you might need to sit down, maybe get a brown bag for you hyperventilators, because we present to you:

This week’s Featured Bundle: JAMAICA TO TORONTO LP BUNDLE!

Ohhhhh, we see, you’re one of the in-touch individuals who’ve already dug deep in to our critically acclaimed Jamaica To Toronto series.  You’ve grooved out to Jackie Mittoo, felt the low-key shiver of Earth, Roots and Water, and the sweet softness of Noel Ellis. And oh man, how we applaud you for your intitiative in searching out some truly under-loved treasures.  We ask you this though friend, how many of these jams do you have in the beautiful, big, love-soaked format of the vinyl LP?  Oh, none?  You don’t even own a record player?  Hmmmm … well, uh, jeez, you should get on that, and then when you do, you should add this stunning set of LPs to your (obviously minute) record collection.  They’ll change the way you not only look at that stack of clunky CDs you have piled next to your 80s ghetto blaster, but the way you listen to this treasure trove of absolutely blissful cuts.

Jamaica To Toronto LP Bundle Includes:

Summer Records LP

Earth, Roots, & Water LP

*  3 7″‘s of our choosing

Jamaica to Toronto Sampler