Hollow If You Hear Them

Hollow Earth Peeps

(Photo Credit: Hollow Earth Radio)

Hollow Earth Radio is a Seattle-based online radio station, and an excellent example of the critical role that community radio can have in giving a platform to underrepresented groups, exposing listeners to topics and individuals that might otherwise go unnoticed. Light in the Attic is among those Hollow Earth has championed, and we are enormously appreciative of their support. For small independent labels and under-the-radar artists, it is an invaluable asset to have the backing of a well-run, knowledgeable and thriving local radio station, particularly one with a strong Web presence.

Recently, Hollow Earth was the recipient of a grant from Kickstarter, an online site that provides funding for artists and creative/arts-related organizations. For the past three-plus years, Hollow Earth – an entirely volunteer-run project – has operated out of various attics and basements. Their proposal to Kickstarter was for a grant that would go toward the renovation of a permanent space at a location in Seattle’s Central District. Kickstarter pledges a sum it will match if the grant recipient can raise the same amount through its own fund-raising. Hollow Earth was awarded $3,500, and reached its goal with 21 days to spare (Kickstarter gives recipients a 45-day window to raise the funds). They expect to move into their new digs in August, and as you can imagine, are absolutely through-the-roof thrilled. Congratulations, guys, and a round of thanks to the 98 kind souls who have thus far pledged their support.

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