I Love Lizzy Art Contest Results!


1st Prize Winner by Pedro Silva from Portugal

Love Philip (1)

2nd Prize Winner by Nick Sharp of England


3rd Prize Winner by c.w./Super Invincible Records of Taiwan


In conjunction with our new Lizzy releases and Valentine’s Day, we held an I Love Lizzy art contest/love fest! Fans from all over the world sent us their submissions, we posted them all in an album on our Facebook page, and the good people of the internet voted by ‘liking’ their favorites. The three submissions with the highest number of likes won Thin Lizzy vinyl and posters, with the 1st place winner receiving all three Lizzy albums that we’ve reissued! Our winners this year hailed from Portugal, England, and Taiwan- so cool! We couldn’t be happier with the beautiful pieces we got to see and the interesting people we got to ‘meet’ all over the globe. Stay tuned for the next big one! Thanks so much to all who submitted.

Still Winners In Our Book:

Thin Lizzy cover LP

by Sebastien Ségui


“Eye Heart Lizzy” by PE
IG: @venery_and_pesos

blue lizzy

by Garrett Brown
IG: @circagarrett


by Oscar Nordblom

IMG_20120903_205032 (1)

by Owen Ashworth

I Love Lizzy finalf

by ABE


by Jeff Lowe
Portfolio: zilchdesign.com; IG: @lowefidelity


by Amy Vecchione