Serge and Jane, best parts forward

Yeah, we’re reissuing Serge Gainsbourg’s Histoire de Melody Nelson for the first time ever in the United States. Tickled pink, that’s how we’d describe our level of excitement. Our pants are short, our breath heavy, in pure anticipation of being able to present to you, our loyal fucking fans, the best French album about rich pederasses ever recorded.

There’s been a rush of really nice press on Serge in general as of late (and why wouldn’t there be, the cheeky bastard was cooler than we mortals can ever even start to imagine) and to go along with assorted hype we decided to make the album available for pre-order:


Don’t know why you should be fishing in the couch cushions for your Hello Kitty wallet right now?

Check out this excellent piece from the BBC (up for only seven days) on the monstrous import of the album.

Or check out this interview with Serge’s ex-wife and baby’s mama Jane Birkin (she actually divorced the crotchety bastard whilst 8-months preggers with another man’s bambino) whom is releasing a new album of her own.

Starting to feel a bit of tingle?