When it rains, seemingly it pours.

We received this yesterday about the amazing Jupiter Studios in Ballard, the very locale where The Blakes and The Saturday Knights (as well as Mark Lanegan’s album recorded their albums

Dear Friends,

Please help us spread the word that Jupiter Studios in Wallingford was burglarized early Sunday morning. Watch out for someone trying to sell 2 Neumann M147 Tube Mics, 2 vintage AKG C414EBs (silver/black w/C12 capsules), Royer R122 48 volt ribbon mic, 2 Crown CM700s condensers, Oktava ML52 Ribbon, Lots of SM57s and SM58s, 1 beta 57 (1st version), AKG D12E, Apple/Mac G5 1.8 Ghz, Toshiba Laptop, Radial J48 Active DI Box, Proco DI Box, ProTools 8 HD TDM Software, 2 Sennheiser E609 microphones, Peavey ERC12 condensor microphone, 1 PV/Crown 520i Mic, 1 PPA Stereo Ribbon Mic, Audio Technica 813 microphone, ART A/B box, 3 U87 shock-mounts, 5 pairs Sony headphones (7506/V600/7509) and more still to determine.

The Durn Good grocery store next door’s security camera has caught some images of the guys carrying our gear around the corner- (both white, early-mid twenties, 1 wearing a peaked dark beanie cap with a dark ear to ear chin beard with no moustache, large parka style coat with dark top half of coat and tan/orange lower half of coat and sleeves, 2nd guy, dark wind breaker with hood, Possible black cap underneath, possible beard/ rough goatee, yellow shirt (or belt with black stripe through it. Both had back-packs  see if that is any help.

Police report incident # is 09-367208

If you hear or see anything, please let us know!

Christian and Martin

So get the word out, teenage douchebags have burglarized one of the great studios in Seattle.

And if that wasn’t enough, we received word that the amazing Bop Street Records has been having some massive flooding.  You can read about it all right HERE. The image of Dave Vorhees, Bop Street owner, drying off his personal collection of 45s is as rough as you’ll see today.

Keep Jupiter and Bop Street in your thoughts people.  They need some serious love.