Jamaica to Toronto = EXCITEMENT!


It isn’t everyday that some of the great reggae, funk, soul, dub players of the fifty years gear-up and perform together. Hell, it isn’t even every other day. Thus we aren’t surprised by the commotion Jamaica to Toronto’s upcoming performance at Pop Montreal (joining the likes of Patrick Wolf, The National and Grizzly Bear) is causing, but we certainly are grinning from ear to ear.

First, the Jamaica to Toronto show at Pop Montreal (October 5th, Club Lambi, just a measly $15 loonies) is featured on the front page of this world famous festival. The unknown author writes,

“Bolstered by overwhelming concert attendance and media support in Canada and abroad, come witness Canadian music history as “Jamaica to Toronto: Soul, Funk and Reggae 1967-1974″ touches down for their Montreal debut.”

Do, not, miss, this, show.

Secondly, the cats over at kevchino.com not only gave the new album a recommendation nod (seemingly what the strangely colored geometric shapes represent) but also gave us their highest rating – a solid fucking 10! Reviewer Sean Lambert writes,

I’ve always maintained that the world is bettered by signature soul sounds, and this comp does wonders reminding us all that the tastiest licks and tip top vocal cuts should never be forgotten, lest we find ourselves mired in a muck of cheap, imitative radio slop.”

Brooklyn Vegan (‘music, photos, and news from a vegan … in Brooklyn”) posted a piece about the upcoming performance, saying:

“The one event that garnered the most buzz at the announcement Wednesday is the scheduled performance of Jamaica to Toronto featuring many of the artists involved in its creation. For the uninitiated, last year saw the release of Jamaica to Toronto: Soul, Funk, and Reggae 1967-1974, a compilation recently unearthed tracks by Jamaican ex-pats who moved to Toronto and made some sweet music. Many in the Canadian press felt it was the best album last year, and if the classic Motown/Stax sound is up your alley, you would be hard pressed to disagree.”

Oh my, aren’t we blushing like school girls at our first dance.