If you don’t know, the word “bonerz” in the world of record collecting has nothing to do with, well, you know.  Instead it focuses on the tiny segment of collectors who value their collections not for the music within each release, but instead for the “bonerz” they own.

And what might a “boner” be?  The worst album covers you’ve ever seen.  Absolutely hilariously terrible bits of  artistic mishaps such as the cover of Joyce’s self-titled releases.   There’s a whole slew of ‘em out there and oooooh boy, is the internet excited about ‘em.

Thanks to the hard work of the people over at Waxidermy (who have a whole section dedicated to the titular Boner) we’re able to present to you this: Jeff Bridges, The Dude himself people, discussing on Ellen Degeneres’ talk show his collection of Bonerz.  It is amazing and hilarious, and our love for all things Bridges only grows and grows and grows.

Check it out below:

Head here for the power point presentation of Bridge’s favorite Bonerz from his website!