Jim Sullivan U.F.O. LPs IN STOCK – Fresh off the press!

I tell ya, we’ve been waiting for this with bated breath! Finally, we have in stock vinyl, 180 gram copies of Jim Sullivan U.F.O.! Here’s what they looked like fresh out of the box on our loading dock:


Also dig that after two years we have back in stock Karen Dalton’s In My Own Time!

But how did this gorgeous LP come to exist? Well, a lil’ place down South called URPUnited Record Pressing! Check out the awesome pics that URP posted on their Facebook page of U.F.O. being pressed.




Check out some more pics of other cool records gettin’ all pressed up. You can see that in this modern age, records are still made on crazy old looking machines. Crazy!

To order your very own LP copy of Jim Sullivan’s U.F.O., click HERE.