John Spalding of Ninety Pound Wuss, LoveLand, Raft of Dead Monkeys and so much more passed away last week.  Spalding was a beloved member of the Seattle music scene and seemingly deeply touched each and every person he came in contact with, including many members of the Light In The Attic label.

Chris Estey, former Light In The Attic publicist, wrote a beautiful piece about John, his amazing life, and all of his incredible accomplishments which you can read right here.

There’s a lot going on to honor his memory, help his family out and to get his recently recorded album The Beautiful Truth released.  John was an amazing man and we’ll keep him and his family in our thoughts.

LoveLand (John’s most recent band) Myspace Page

Information on how to help get John’s most recent album The Beautiful Truth released can be found at any of these links: