A big old box of Latin rock came hurtling down our chimney this morning, and sure we’d like to blame the drunken nosed Christmas creep Santee Claws, but we’re pretty sure it was just another UPS truck driver trying to impress his brown-shirted friends.

Nonetheless, Vinilissimo, how we love you, and your glorious package of ruh-ruh-ruh-rock and roll from across the Spanish-speaking world.


What might we have for you today!  Look below:

boys with toys

Elkin y Nelson – S/T

First and foremost, this has to be one of the great album covers of all time.  Whatever rich family allowed these sallow-faced youths to break in to their closets, manhandle their dog, and use their hair curlers, well, let us thank them that this image made it on to an amazing album.

What’s the album about:

Colombian brothers Elkin and Nelson Perez added unique flavors to the Spanish pop music of the mid-1970s: Latin American songs and rhythms (plus The Doors “Light My Fire”) performed with freshness and intensity. Released in 1974, this is an essential album in the birth of Latin rock.

Flamenco – S/T

Flamenco, you thought it was a dance, but it’s actually a group of men clad in 70s-style shirts sitting in a field of wheat.  Ahhhhh Flamenco!

What’s The Album About:

In the land of traditional flamenco, this five-piece from Seville combined in 1973 their musical heritage with psychedelic rock to produce a mighty flamenco rock fusion. Unappreciated at the time, this groundbreaking LP sounds today free of any ties and absolutely devastating.

Las Grecas – Gipsy Rock

Beautiful cover for a reissued album of beautiful music, as tinged by the sexiness of flamenco.

What The Album About:

Reissue of this essential album in the history of Spanish popular music from 1974. A mixture of rock and flamenco driven by pop romanticism, sexual freedom and the impulse of youth. Includes the huge Spain and Latin America hit ‘Te estoy amando locamente’.

Veneno – Veneno

We’re stumped as to if that’s a brick, or a brick of gold, or just as brick of chocolate.  Regardless, this album will melt your face, and your pants off.

What’s The Album About?:

Reissue of this LP from 1977, arguably the most influential album in Spanish popular music. Kiko Veneno and brothers Rafael and Raimundo Amador (aka Pata Negra) combined blues, rock and flamenco to create a piece of work that could only have happened in late 1970s Andaluca. Here’s the record usually voted as the best Spanish Pop Album.

Without a doubt, it’s the most influential, the one that revealed that flamenco could be used by the artists of the time, creating an unprejudiced style of street rock that can be heard in current Spanish artists such as Estopa, Bebe and Los Delincuentes (who took their name from the first track of side 2 of Veneno). This record was also the starting point of the fertile careers of Kiko Veneno and brothers Rafael and Raimundo Amador (better known as Pata Negra). Now, for the first time, Veneno is released with its original cover, censored by CBS in 1977.