Just to let you know.

Our friend Gruff Rhys (lead singer of Super Furry Animals and a contributor to the Free Design: Redesigned comp) recently released an album, ‘Candylion‘. Finally, FINALLY, Mr. Rhys has cobbled together some free time to tour in support of the album. Gruff will be performing a smattering of shows on the East coast before dippin’ in to Canada and Chi-town, before hoofing it over to our neck of the woods for a show or two.

Head on over to Gruff’s Myspace page for the whole listing of dates, but just know, he’ll be at the Crocodile Cafe on September 29th. And if you can’t make that he’ll be in Portland at the Doug Fir on the 30th. This is a rare opportunity to see Gruff all by his lonesome, so we implore you to check it out.