Karen Dalton’s Haunting, Mystical “In My Own Time” Set For November Release

When we listened to the tapes here in the office, after hours, her vocal presence filled the rooms with all the pain and love and gear in the world. We sent those reels off to be transferred and remastered, and Scott Colburn and Dave Cooley made them sound right pretty, too.

Once upon a time, when the elements of the counter-culture slid into forces beyond this realm, ‘Highway 61 Revisited’ and ‘Bitches Brew’ bass player Harvey Brooks lured a powerful young woman out into a wilderness studio called Bearsville.

Michael Lang, the promoter for the Woodstock festival, had a recording cabin The Band had made internationally inspiring music in.

Brooks produced Karen Dalton’s “In My Own Time,” full of roots and raw energy, deep folk-soul music resonance and antediluvian majesty. It features songs like “Katie’s Cruel,” covered on upcoming albums by Bert Jansch and White Magic (Drag City), and the sweeping, Scott Walker-squeezing “Something On Your Mind.”

Dalton’s electrifying second full-length had been lost to the ages, never released on CD before. After years of pursuing it passionately and with tenacious hope, Light In The Attic have secured the rights. We plan on reintroducing its place into the music world as rightfully done as possibly can be. It is escaping both the clenched hands of mad fans of music like Devendra Banhart, Nick Cave, and Lenny Kaye, who have written the liner notes for the fat, sleek reissue.

Due out on November 7, 2006, “In My Own Time” should be on everyone’s acid-folk Christmas present list.

Here’s a write-up of Karen’s story in the August 30, 2006 Hollywood Reporter.

This article appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle as well.