Kearney Barton–legendary NW engineer–featured in Tape Op!

We’re very excited to see an excellent interview in our favorite music recording magazine Tape Op! Most of you will know Kearney Barton from the Wheedle’s Groove documentary and from his stellar work recording many of the artists on our Wheedle’s Groove comp and also the namesake of their album, Kearney Barton. Did you know that he also recorded legendary NW garage-rock pioneers like The Sonics, The Wailers, The Ventures, and The Rocking Kings (which featured a young Jimi Hendrix)? Kearney is one-of-a-kind and a legend in his own time. Also, dig the cover photo by Chris Gergley of Kearney’s old “headphone tree” that is now proudly displayed at our Seattle office!

Check out the excellent interview by Sean Wolcott in the May/June issue of Tape Op! And as a bonus, check out the Tape Op site for a bonus photo section.