Label Spotlight – Burger Records


In the heat of our recent collaborations (Big Boys’ Where’s My Towel cassette & Thai Funk cassettes), we thought it a good time to shine our spotlight on one of our favorite labels in the whole wild world, BURGER RECORDS!

Tell us a little bit about Burger Records and how you got started.

We got Burger started by self-releasing our own band, Thee Makeout Party! Then it spread to our local community with our favorite teenage mutants, Audacity. After we released their first LP, Power Drowning, we started reaching out to all of our friends to put out their albums on cassette and before we knew it, it became a full-fledged world-wide rock n roll revolution that spans over 450 releases, hundreds of events around the globe each year and a super awesome record store of the same name!!!

What kind of burger are you?

We’re a home-made BBQ 100% Grade-A Beef Burger with Super-toasted, flame-grilled buns and the WORKS. Sloppy n slimy!!

Introduce us to your cats! Do you all get along?

We have two store kitties! The first is the very elegant Elenore, she rules the roost around here! She’s the sassy cat that lays down the law! Queenie is our second kitty, who we rescued from the freeway! He was a girl, but now he’s a boy and he’s since become our most pampered pussy! We all get along like one big happy dysfunctional family!


You launched Burger TV last year, and we’re lovin’ it. What are your favorite parts about this new audiovisual adventure? Anything coming up we should get stoked for?

Our favorite parts are introducing new music and ideas to the masses with minimal effort and still having fun and not taking it too seriously! It’s a blast working in a new medium, especially with with our teenage prodigy producers, Jack Sample and Steele O’Neal! They are BRGRTV! We’re also going to start releasing VHS collections of BRGRTV and a work-out video with David Liebe-Hart! BIG THINGS ON THE HORIZON!

Let’s look back a little… do you remember the first cassette tape you ever bought?

The first tape Lee ever got was a coverless Best of Buddy Holly and the Crickets, which he found on the ground. Game changer! The first tape Sean bought was Van Halen’s 51/50, and he rocked that cassette erryday. Coincidentally, 51/50 was also Lee’s 2nd found tape! Coincidence? I think not.

What have y’all been jamming lately?

Lately we’ve been jamming Cherry Glazerr, continuously!! It’s sooo good. Thee future of rock n roll ladies n gentleman! wowza!! We’ve also been digging Elephant Stone’s new album! Also SUPER hyped on our new tapes and LPs with Nirvana, Lightships, The Go, Gap Dream, Sam Flax, Natural Child, the Resonars, Peach Kelli Pop, Pookie and the Poodlez, it’s never ending really. We could do this all day!

Anything exciting on the horizon for Burger you can share?

We’re just gonna keep on freaking out like it’s Friday night, howlin’ at the moon and bombarding the masses with the great rock n roll gospel of our generation!!!


To learn more about what these cool cats have been up to, head to or cruise into the shop (645 S State College Blvd  Fullerton, CA)! Also, check out our two latest collaborations with our Burger buds: Big Boys’ Where’s My Towel?/Industry Standard & Thai Funk Vol. 1 +2 on cassette!