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Label Spotlight:


In 2001 Marco D’Ubaldo, also known as Duba, decided to put his vast musical knowledge to good use by founding Cinedelic, a soundtrack label committed to help rediscover soundtrack masterpieces both old and new. The Italian imprint has since developed an impressive catalog of carefully selected rarities, mostly from the unique world of Italian cinema.

Each one of its records is the product of in-depth research and orchestration, which provide the notable quality Cinedelic has become known for. “Cinedelic embraces fascinating and unique sounds unearthed from the past and couples them with the foundations of today’s modern music”, they explain. The majority of its releases have been printed in very limited quantities and have been met with critical and international acclaim. These have become true collector’s items.

The Italian label has also expanded to producing and supporting contemporary composers across genres including, jazz, funk, bossa nova as well as electronic.

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