Label Spotlight | Data Discs


Perhaps you’ve noticed more game soundtracks added to the LITA website. That’s because we are now distributing for the truly unique record label DATA DISCS, from London, England. Ahead of the soundtrack reissue trend, DATA DISCS established themselves as the very first record label solely dedicated to releasing video game soundtracks on vinyl. We’re thrilled to offer these beautifully compiled, limited pressings to both die-hard score collectors and casual fans of unique releases.

On their website, the fine folks at DATA DISCS explain their mission:

We carefully remaster game soundtracks and present them as officially licensed, high quality packages. Our intention is to promote the work of game composers, which is all too often overlooked, and introduce people to an area of music that, despite being culturally significant in many ways, has seldom been available on any format, let alone on vinyl.  (Taken from “About Us” at


Our first 2 releases from DATA DISCS, Streets of Rage and Shenmue, sold out quickly. We are currently accepting preorders for Shinobi III. Be sure to keep an eye out here for more exciting releases from this exclusive and pioneering label as we work together to fill your record shelves with exciting discoveries.