Label Spotlight | Gearbox Records


Are you a jazz-loving, audio nerd? If so, have we got the label for you!

Gearbox Records is determined to “put the ritual back into music listening.” If you were to visit their location at the Tileyard Studios Complex near King’s Cross, London, you would see just how seriously they are taking that commitment. Their studio was built to allow a very specific process, with records cut and mastered with no digital in the signal path – not even a digital to analog converter for preview signals. Their facility features an all-valve vinyl playback area for a truly unique listening experience.

The Gearbox studio, London (Image via Gearbox Records/Red Bull Music Academy)

The Gearbox studio, London (Image via Gearbox Records/Red Bull Music Academy)

Founded in 2009, Gearbox has already established a catalogue of over 25 vinyl-led releases including high quality re-releases. With a decided focus on jazz, Gearbox Records pledges to “support new music and lost treasures on vinyl” and they do so by releasing carefully curated limited editions and deluxe box sets.

We’re excited to be able to offer several titles from this one-of-a-kind jazz label for the true audio nerd. Check out the growing list of Gearbox titles available through Light in the Attic Distro here.

Here are a few:

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For a more in-depth profile on Gearbox, check out this feature by Red Bull Music Academy.


Check out a preview of Prelude To Heart Is A Lotus by the Michael Garrick Sextet here: