Label Spotlight | Silva Screen Records

Silva Screen

Few labels in the film and TV soundtrack niche can claim to be as developed and influential as Silva Screen Records. The industry-leading London-based independent has been operating since 1986 and not only features an impressively large catalogue of over 500 titles and over 10,000 masters but also dedicates itself to providing the highest quality of recording there is for film and television scores.

This is one of the reasons Silva Screen has set itself apart in an industry where so much emphasis is put on the visual that the quality of the audio is often considered of secondary importance when distributed commercially. The label has gone out of its way to ensure that the songs that play such a crucial role in making us feel what we do when watching a movie get the quality they so justly deserve.

Silva Screen prides itself for its re-recording program, which goes to the extent of tracking down composers, relatives and manuscripts to ensure all the elements needed are present to re-record the soundtrack perfectly.




“The recordings are created with the listener in mind as a standalone work rather than just a film score,” they explain. This mentality has earned them critical acclaim for their reworks of classic films scores such as Lawrence of Arabia or Big Country.

Silva Screen offers great diversity in its catalog as illustrated by the breadth of epochs and genres of the movies and shows whose soundtracks they release with records ranging from the classic 1966 score of Dr. Who and the Daleks to the original motion picture soundtrack to Iron Man. Whatever your taste may be, make sure to check out our Silva Screen releases where you can be certain to find something to strike your fancy.