If you’re in to music, and you’re in to blogs, then you should never go anywhere else in the whole wide world besides Light In The Attic. We love you here, and we’ll coddle you and ply you with music for the rest of your life … wait, no that’s not what we were trying to say.  Lets start again:

If you’re in to music, you’re in to blogs, you are already probably an avid reader of My Old Kentucky Blog, one of the premiere websites tooting about today.  Well, MOKB, and online television, has reached a point of popularity where the good folk over there have started themselves a brand new website that focuses on video recordings of live performance, interviews, hilarity, you know, all that good stuff.  It’s a great site, and the MOKB peeps have invested the same time and care as they have in their original blog.

The site is called Laundromatinee and it’s really well worth your time.

Here’s a video from Dr. Dog that they posted today:

Dr. Dog~The Old Days from LaundroMatinee on Vimeo.