We here at Light In The Attic aren’t only excited about our own bands, our own reissues, our own, you know, stuff, we’re excited about the long history and expanding future of this wide world of music in general.  Thus, our legion of musical ambassadors spend hours and hours each day, each month, each year creeping in to the dark corners of the world in search of the greatness yet to be discovered.

And this time, we’ve uncovered a doozy.

Heavenly Sweetness is an impressive label out of the UK that focuses on unearthing and releasing a collection of music with free jazz, afro-beat, soul, and so much more.  The label features artists like the great Doug Carn, Doug Hammond, The John Betsch Society, and on and on and on.

That said, we couldn’t be happier to start a new distribution relationship with the UK label.  We’ll be putting out their records in the states and we suggest, really really suggest digging in to this amazing little label’s oeuvre.

Start looking right HERE.