Let Us Not Forget…

…that Bumbershoot, sweet sweet Bumbershoot is now just a scant three days from fruition. That’s right folks, just three days until you, and all your merry friends, can indulge in an utter assload of music including, but not limited to, Lupe Fiasco, Menomena, The Kings of Leon, and many, many more.

Really though, if you go to Bumbershoot, there are two shows you need to see:

1. The Saturday Knights (backed by the entirety of The Cops) on the Esurance Stage, on Saturday at 4pm.


2. The Blakes on the Sound Transit Stage at 2pm on Monday.

We mean it, if you pay 90 dollars for all three days and only see these two bands, you are an idiot. But at least you’ll be an idiot who’s seen two fantastic shows.