Light In The Attic Docs Presents: Big Boys – Looking Back It’s Just Reflections

If you were to distill every Light In The Attic release to its essential parts, you’d find the two necessary elements to be great music and the engaging history behind it. Over the years this passion has expanded from music releases to documentary films about our releases and adventures. From the Wheedle’s Groove film, to The Jim Sullivan Story, The Rock-N-Roll Farmers on Donnie & Joe Emerson, and even our annual Road Trip shorts, with Light In The Attic Docs we bring the stories behind our releases to screen.

In late 2012, we sent Light In The Attic’s own Patrick McCarthy to Austin, Texas to spend some quality time with Tim Kerr and Chris Gates of the legendary Skate Rock band the Big Boys. Over a long weekend, Patrick sat down with Tim and Chris to talk about punk and hardcore in the early 80s, the Austin scene, and their 1981 debut album, Where’s My Towel/Industry Standard. Where’s My Towel will be released in March 2013 by our imprint Modern Classics recordings on deluxe LP and cassette (a co-release with Burger Records)! For exclusive color variations, pre-order now at For the story behind this album, watch Big Boys – Looking Back It’s Just Reflections above.