Light In The Attic enters the “Modern” era…

We have some great news to share with you, below is the official press release!

Those Obsessive Freaks At Light In The Attic Finally Decide To Release Some Goddamn Music Made During Their Lifetimes, Calls ‘Em “Modern Classics Recordings”

1971! That’s the median era of a Light In The Attic Records release, a reissue label known for crafting drool-inducing packages with liner note booklets the size of BOMP! magazine written by pale scribes who still live in their mother’s basement worshiping their ginormous vinyl collections. It’s not that they’re nerds, they’ll smoke you out with the primo dub-folk of Rodriguez, lick your ears with the salty witch-grass of Karen Dalton, and drop time travel window pane while digging astro-physicist Jim Sullivan. All of which are sleekly and pathologically made to gleam for the brick and mortar rekkid addicts! But all that great shit happened on two inch tape back when Nixon was fucking shit up in Vietnam!

Now the nostalgically tweaked hot sound hoarders who run Light In The Attic are actually releasing music made when they actually existed! MODERN CLASSICS RECORDINGS is “from our personal stash, as they came out,” label co-owner Matt Sullivan says. “An era of those shiny, futuristic things called CDs and whatever bands were actually putting out vinyl in the ’90s. I was born in ’76 and we’ve never reissued much past that. These were the days of Reagan and the contras, sipping Everclear from cola war bottles between the Bushes, bouncing off our parent’s walls to classics like Straight Outta Compton and Nevermind!”

Mercury Rev "Deserter's Songs" (MCR 900 | 180-gram)

The first release will land on November 1st, 2011: a fattened, glossied, and fluffed to perfection needlessly extravagant version of Mercury Rev’s 1999 masterpiece Deserter’s Songs, of which Sullivan says that it’s “a bit surreal to be reissuing an album that we bought upon its original release. I remember sitting on the floor at Tower Records in the U-District and flipping through the British weeklies and monthlies, as they shelled out 5-star reviews for Deserter’s. I picked up the LP, brought it home, and drifted away.”

The goal with these elegant reissues via Modern Classics is to provide the same attention to detail that Light In The Attic has become known for, while having the artist involved in their re-release through extrapolative liner notes, helping to curate their unique historical importance and creative exceptionality.  Deserter’s Songs will be followed by Morphine‘s 1993 classic Cure For Pain, marking the first ever vinyl reissues for two landmark albums of the past 25 years. These were albums which snared the overflowing creativity of the zeitgeist in which they were released, and influenced the best semi-pop music for years to come.