Music, oh yeah, we sure do love music. It’s all over the office. It’s ingrained in the very deepest gray sponge of our undersized cerebellum. But c’mon, we can’t think of old soul singers, buried psych-rock mavens and forgotten songwriters of the Great White North all the time. Sometimes we just want to relax on the torn cushions of our thirteen year old couch with a half-drank bottle of warm Highlife and we just want to watch sports.

Good thing for us it’s been a damn skippy last week or so for Seattle and sports in general so we thought we’d post a few our thoughts/recommendations on a few:

1. This article about Shane Battier in The New York Times is absolutely brilliant. Michael Lewis (author of Moneyball, a fantastic read in itself) wrote this article about the way Sabremetrics (or statistical analysis of plays, players and situations) is being applied to some degree to the sport of basketball and how in doing this oft-times maligned Houston Rockets power forward Shane Battier could be considered one of the greatest defensive players currently on roster. Sounds nerdy, as it is, but for fans of the game, or just good writing, you should certainly check it out.

2. Griffey’s back on THE MARINERS! Woooooooo! We can all forget about the 100 game losing season we had last year because the most famous Mariner to ever play the game is back and he’s going to take us to the World Series and fight a dragon and spin plates on his nose while hitting four million homeruns wooooooooooooooo!

3. Alex Rodriguez, as always, is a shitty steroid-abusing jerk. Please ridicule him.

Lets just mark this one off to a slow news day.