Light In The Attic Records has signed bloozy garage-rocking hometowners the Blakes!

Two hunky and ragged rock ‘n’ roll brothers, who used to deliver the Stranger via truck, and a beserking machine of a drummer and walking musical encyclopedia named Bob (who had just quit his job at the Old Spaghetti Factory), have now signed to LITA! We love ‘em and are proud to have them on board. News about reissuing their album and a tour EP with some really hot new tracks to follow — in the meantime, they will be playing the Sasquatch festival, the Capitol Hill Block Party, and Bumbershoot with fellow Light In The Attic bands The Black Angels and The Saturday Knights.

“If you have ears and sense, which means you listen to KEXP, and the opportunity to catch the brothers live, then you know The Blakes have more than just rock ‘n’ roll swagger and haircuts to match.” –Jim Beckmann, KEXP Blog