Light In The Attic Road Trip 2012: UPDATE! We Need YOU In The Van!!!

UPDATE: Matt Snodgrass, the winner of the LITA Road Trip “Win A Seat In The Van” Free Basin’ Friday, flew into Seattle late last night and unfortunately this morning he had a family emergency come up and won’t be able to go on this epic journey with us. We are hugely bummed about this but understand that family things come up. Be well Matt and we’ll see you again soon!

So, we went back to the submissions and found a willing candidate but he can only do a part of the journey. Ahhh! So, here’s an idea. YOU: dweller of the great city of Portland (or surounding area). US: A road trip-crazed record label from Seattle. THE PLAN: Hop in the van with us on Friday morning in PDX and go on an awesome weekend record bender with us all the way to San Francisco!

The long and short of it is: We will provide room and board, a seat in the LITA van, $50 bucks a day to spend on records, a flight back from SF -> PDX on Monday night, and a lifetime of memories. Yes, all of these can be yours! For your chance to win a seat in the van, briefly tell us in a comment below why you want to be on this four day journey with us. Be sure to include your name and email in the email/name fields (this is not shown) so that we can contact you. And remember, you must be able to meet us Friday morning in Portland! We will contact the winner tomorrow, Thursday 9/20 at 7pm!

The open road calls…we hope to see you out there soon!