Light In The Attic Road Trip – A Seat In The Van Winner Pt. 2!

Phew, It’s been a wild week over here at Light In The Attic! We’re gearing up for our upcoming 10 Year Anniversary Concerts (LA is SOLD OUT – Seattle going fast) and trying to get the LITA Road Trip van out on the open highway!

As you all know, this is not our first try filling this empty seat – our previous winner, Matt, had to return home for a family emergency – so we tried again and here we are with a new batch of groovy comments from all you potential road trippers!

Now for the moment you’ve all been waiting for – the 2nd winner of Light In The Attic’s Seat In The Van Contest – Annie Hartman, A PDX dweller (born’n raised in Seattle) who enjoys all things LITA and the great open road! She works at her mom’s yarn store (The Yarn Barn) and was able to take a few days off to hit the road with us!

If all this wasn’t enough excitement for y’all, just wait – there’s more! Now that we have ourselves a buddy for the Portland to San Francisco leg of the trip, we don’t want our Light In The Attic road warriors to get lonely the rest of the way — that’s where you come in… AGAIN!

YOU: record obsessed dweller of San Francisco (or surrounding area), friendly, not too smelly

US: a road-trip crazed record label from Seattle (also, not too smelly)  

THE PLAN: Hop in the van on Monday afternoon in SF and trip with us all the way to Hollywood!

Here’s the skinny:

We will provide room and board, a seat in the LITA van, $50 bucks a day to spend on records, a flight back from LA -> SF on Thursday  morning (9/27), and a lifetime of memories. Yes, all of these can be yours! For your chance to win, briefly tell us in a comment below why you want to go on this epic journey with us. Be sure to include your name and email in the appropriate  fields (email addresses will be kept private) so we can contact you. And remember, you must be able to meet us Monday afternoon (9/24) in San Francisco! We will contact the winner on Saturday, September 22.

The open road calls… again. We can’t wait to hang with you all along the way!

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