Whoa, that drive into California last night was intense! 12am, dark, and roads that seemed to twist and turn for eternity. Tyson has been doing most of the driving, and right when he mentioned he was getting tunnel vision, we were only 10 miles out of our sleeping destination, Arcata, CA. We all knew we had to get to bed because the following day we had to hit two record stores in Arcata, then dive 4 hours to Santa Rosa and hit Backdoor Disc in Cotati before they close. We woke up at 8am and had an identical continental breakfast as the previous morning, and we may have had the worst coffee ever brewed this side of the Mississippi (obviously, we’re not in Seattle anymore).

Our first stop was Missing Link Records. This place was new, small, and fantastic! These dudes were so cool and chill,  it really just felt like we were hanging out with old friends from childhood. They were super excited for our arrival, and went through our records like crazy. They pulled out a little bit of everything, and started listening to it right there and then. They had this mirror that they made that was a sasquatch but without his face. If you lined your face up correctly, you became sasquatchified! So undoubtedly we all participated in that.

It was time to say goodbye to our new friends at Missing Link, and head not to far away to The Works. The Works was a pretty big store and had lots of vinyl, and we met Bandon (yes, without an “R”) and
he looked like a friggin’ rock star. Real cool, calm, and collected dude. He was so nonchalant that I (Troy) thought maybe he would just buy only a couple records and we’d be on our way. Holy hell was I wrong.
We were there for a LONG time and I ended up wondering if he was going to buy EVERYTHING! He was pulling out stuff from most of the Light in the Attic distro catalogue. Stuff from Vampi, Munster, Light in the Attic, and even ripping into the 45′s.

After that, we had to eat something, so we walked around Humboldt County and observed the interesting scene that is there. It’s almost like another country, or a commune if you will. We all felt like city boys in this place. We kept thinking that someone was bound to come up to us and say, “you boys sure aint from around here, are ya?” But everyone was nice (and probably high) and were very accommodating  when it came to asking for directions and what not. We needed to get back on that familiar road and get to Backdoor Disc in Cotati before they close shop. For the first time on the trip, Tyson needed a small break from driving, so Sandy took the wheel. I called shotgun and regretted it soon because everyone’s possessions were up front and Tyson and Cody seemed to need me to hand them something every 5 minutes. No big deal though, these trees out here are fucking majestic! Many of you know how pretty it is here, and it’s always nice to drive through it during the day.

Arrived in Santa Rosa which is about an hour away from San Francisco.  We stopped at a record store called The Last Record Store (which is funny, because it’s far from our last record store we’re stopping at). Nice people with a great selection of vinyl. We all had to prevent ourselves from spending hundreds of dollars there. Cody picked up yet another Coup LP, and I picked up an Egyptian Lover LP, yes! Doug, one of the owners, looked through the Light in the Attic catalogue and made a list of what he wanted.We went out to the van and grabbed his order, totaled him up, and we were in and out with the quickness. On our way out, he gave us a tip on a good place to get a drink.

Guess where we’re headed.

See you for day 5.

Troy, Cody, Sandy and Tyson

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