Light In The Attic Road Trip – Episode 2 (and MORE CONTESTS!)

Monday, September 24th, 2012

The Light In The Attic Road Trip is well underway, and we’re giving away so much stuff, it feels like some sort of groovy record drenched Christmas in September. Our first Seat In The Van winner, Annie, joined the crew and rolled with us from Portland all the way to San Francisco, hitting all the best shops and burning through her $50 a day record stipend like a pro. Watch Episode Two of the Road Trip Video Series below to see all the misadventures we’ve gotten into so far.

(If you missed Episode 1, catch it here)

It’s time to say good-bye to Annie, and hello to our next vinyl crazed passenger – Steve Ritchey from San Francisco! We’re sad to see Annie go, but excited to meet our new pal and start the next leg of this wild ride.

It’s been a little crazy around here, and it keeps getting crazier… or maybe we’re the ones getting crazier. No matter how you flip it, we’ve got a couple more contests coming your way! Let’s start with our final Seat In The Van Contest! This leg of the trip starts at our 10 Year Anniversary Concert in Los Angeles (SOLD OUT- tickets for the Seattle show still available -going fast) and ending back in San Jose on the long winding road home to Seattle! For your chance to win, leave a comment below telling us why you want to hop in the van with us! You must live in or be able to get yourself to Los Angeles by September 28th. The winner will fly home on our dime from San Jose on Sunday, September 30th! Remember: Free room and board PLUS fifty bucks a day to spend on wax!

Now, if all this wasn’t enough or if you’re still not totally convinced we’ve lost our minds here’s yet ANOTHER contest for you, to spice things up a bit. We will be giving away three $50 gift certificates for LightInTheAttic.Net! For your chance to win, head to the  official Light In The Attic Facebook page and leave a comment on our cover photo (pictured below) telling us about your favorite record shop (make sure to tag the store, if you can)! The winners will be announced on Friday, October 5th!

Remember to follow us on twitter (@lightintheattic, #litaroadtrip) and instagram (@lightintheatticrecords) and check the official Road Trip Blog for updates, pictures, and videos!

8 Responses to “Light In The Attic Road Trip – Episode 2 (and MORE CONTESTS!)”

  1. Jared says:

    Oh Man. I love road trips, but don’t have a car anymore. I also just bought some new shelving so I have a little more room for a restock of vinyl. I really really wanna win!

  2. Japhy Ryder says:

    Is your tour coming to spain?? i love your videos andyour trip! Beat (nik) the world!!!!

  3. MikeB says:

    lookin good Annie!

  4. Chanel Finch says:

    My name is Chanel. My greatest dream in life is to be inspired as a singer by the music like the compilations you distribute. I am an only child who went on a pilgrammage in Argentina after being raised in Cali. Argentin is where my family is from.. and all along I listened to your records and lovingly made CDs that looked like Lps for my argentine & American friends. I felt my spirit become a part of the 60′s era. The songs were my friends as I drove finding my inner songs. I learned more about my native California music culture. My happiest time in life, is when I can be performing old tunes yet to be reintroduced. For these reasons and many more under the sun do I wish to be enlightened from my Santa Barbara. I wanted you to know how well the music suits me & how these songs are a part of my memories! Thanks and good luck!! is my music page so you can see my self portrait. my Facebook is coco avant chanella if you wish to add me& see portraits and art landscapes.

  5. I want to hop in the van so I can scour California’s greatest record stores and pretend to be associated with all the great music coming out of Light in the Attic. I also love road trips. And vans.

    The real reason for my wanting to hop in the van is because I have aspirations to open a record store of my own soon and this kind of experience cannot be bought. What kind of record store, you ask? I’ll save the details for the long central valley haul but it’s safe to say Light in the Attic has been an inspiration.

  6. I love road trips, greatly enjoy Light In The Attic releases, and am always the person making his friends/girlfriend wait as he feverishly combs through yet another stack of records in that store at which he swore he would only spend 15 minutes. Also, I just just got my hands on some amazing bootlegs by Fred Neil (in Japan in 1977), Tim Hardin (at the Troubador in L.A. in 1970), and Paul Siebel (in New York in 1978 – this show has never been circulated), that I would bring along to listen to on the road!

  7. Doug Anderson says:

    “Some Deaths Take Forever”, used on Amazon, best price $115. Back in the 70′s in my hood, Floyd was always second to the mighty Zep. The gap has only widened to Floyd being nigh unlistenable in certain circles in the middle west. Granted they both stopped making anything listenable after 1979, an even that is pushing it. Roger Waters is a better way to say, “yes, i’ve douched”.

  8. carolyn says:

    sh*t. i commented on fb. i’m sad.

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