Waking up in Eugene to free continental breakfasts and crappy wi-fi connections. The internet may be down, but we’re not. There’s nothing like good sleep and a mediocre breakfast! Off we go to CD & Game Exchange. We pull up and do what we do best, start unloading records right there onto the sidewalk. Tyson is a madman at unloading these boxes and crates. The manager came out and started sifting through the goods, then SNAP! One of our wooden record crates explodes during the unloading process. “SOLDIER DOWN” Troy yells, we stay calm and save any records from being damaged. Whew. Thanks to the dudes at the record store, they hooked us up with a sturdy box that will suffice until we can find another crate. Nice. There was a Circle K next door (which we all haven’t seen since 1982) and we stocked up on vitamin waters, chips, candy, red bulls, and ice for the cooler.

Back in the van and bolting over to House of Records. This place was literally in a house, and you could feel the history inside of there. The sweet lady behind the “counter” informed us that they had been there since 1971. We all immediately loved this place, and it was a nice man named Fred who wanted to go through all of our stuff. He went through EVERYTHING Including the 45′s! He knew his shit, and he wasted no time grabbing a bit of everything. On the way out, Cody managed to grab a rare Coup record that he has been looking for. After only 2 record store stops, we are still running short on time. We HAVE TO be in California tonight, which is about 5 or so hours away, and we don’t feel like driving through curvy roads at midnight. At least not in this beast of a van with all this product!

Time to go to CD World, our final stop in Eugene. We arrived, Troy and Sandy went in to find a man named Skip, while Tyson and Cody started unloading product right in the parking lot. Skip came out, and we said, “hey we’re with Light in the Attic, want to look through our records?” and he said, “maybe if I had time, I didn’t know you were coming today and I have to run, sorry guys.” As we were about to leave to tell Tyson to start loading everything back into the van, he looked at Troy and said, “Hey, my daughter Alex texted me last night mentioning that you may be stopping by, are you Troy that works with my daughter?” WOW, turns out Troy and Skip’s daughter Alex work together in Seattle!!! So Skip said,”I’ll have my colleague, Will, come out and look at the records.” Yes, thank you Skip! And Will!! Will came out and saw all of our records nicely displayed outside and said, “well, this is a day at work that does not suck”. He looked through everything grabbing everything from the Monks to obscure Brazilian psych to Rodriguez. Nice!! So CD World was not a bust, and that store is very cool as well. Thankfully there was a sub shop next door to fuel us up for our extended jaunt to California. We filled up on only our second tank of gas (this van is huge) and off to the land of sunshine we go.

Day 3 was yet another great journey, but the days ahead are going to be insane. Soon it will be San Francisco, LA, San Diego, and everything in between.

How will we do?

Stay tuned.

See you for blog 4 tomorrow.

Troy, Cody, Sandy and Tyson

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