Los Angeles just kicked our asses, in a good way. We hung out on Sunset Strip, we stuffed 8 people in one regular sized cab, and marveled at all the Nikki Sixx look-alikes. Sweet!

Thanks to our good friend Melanie, we had a great place to stay so thank you Mel, you saved us! Today was especially cool because we the first thing we get to do is go to Dave Cooley’s house and interview him.

Dave Cooley is an amazing talent. He has produced records for Silversun Pickups and Darker My Love, but we wanted to ask him about the great mastering work he has done for some Light in the Attic titles. We showed up at his house armed with our huge video camera and some lighting. His pad was super sweet, this guy is living the dream. He was so cool, he let us fire up his grill and cook hamburgers on his back deck.

So we really got to hang with him for a bit before the interview. After food was devoured we went inside to his badass recording studio, sat down with him and let the cameras roll. He was very informative and the interview went smooth as ice. Once we get it edited we’ll get that footage up for you all to enjoy. Time to say bye to yet another new friend, thanks for the burgers Dave, we needed that! We filled up on snacks and liquids for our drive to San Diego!

We pulled in to San Diego and headed right for Music Trader. This is a totally laid back store with extremely nice dudes working there. They bought way more stuff than we initially thought they would, making our first stop in San Diego a success.

Over to Thirsty Moon Records. We’ve been hearing about this store for a while, so we were curious to see what it was like. Thirsty Moon totally lived up to it. Small store with tons of integrity. Also, one of the dudes at Thirsty Moon plays in a cool band called Earthless, so that was nice to meet him. They also bought alot of our vinyl!!!

Check mark San Diego off our list as a positive experience, but time to get ready for Long Beach! We headed out of San Diego to stay with a friend of a friend of a friend’s place, which just so happened to be a mansion in a gated community. We pulled up and were greeting by these super nice girls who had a pad with a view, a hot tub, a swimming pool, and a full bar.

I could be lying, but I’m not.

This trip is fun.

More work to do tomorrow.

Smiley Face.

Troy, Cody, Sandy and Tyson

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