Before we get in to the continued antics of this crazy foursome, let us just draw your attention to an amazing little article about this here road trip written by the good folk (Billy Jam, we’re talking about you) at the Amoeba Record blog.  It’s a nice phoner with these troublesome vinyl-slanging boys and we’re happy to share it.

Read the article right HERE.

This blog may be a bit shorter for that fact that we are needing as much sleep tonight as possible to prepare for Los Angeles. Our day tomorrow will the the busiest day of the whole trip. So, here we are only a few minutes outside of the city of angels, and today was good, but tomorrow needs to be even better. We woke up at our new friend Malik’s house in San Luis Obispo, and he led us to a great place to get some food and then to his record store Boo Boo Records for stop #1.

Boo Boo Records is so cool, so much so that we bought shirts with the Boo Boo logo. They thumbed through our vinyl and pulled out what they wanted, then it was time to keep moving. It sucked saying goodbye to Malik and San Luis Obispo, this town is so laid back and amazing. I can see why people live here, it’s so easy going. Well, back in the cramped ass van we go, heading towards LA.

Our next stop is only a few miles away at Salzer’s Records in Ventura. This place was HUGE. Two stories with cd’s and vinyl downstairs, and a head shop upstairs. The shop upstairs had so much weird shit, it kept us entertained while they were pulling out the vinyl and cd’s they wanted. By the time we discovered the electronic pair of singing bouncing boobs, it was time to move on to the next town and record store.

We drove to some town that had the word tarzan in it, and stopped at CD Trader. Dave was our contact person there, and he went ape shit on picking the titles he wanted. He grabbed a TON, making this one of our most successful stops of the trip. I think he wanted to buy the entire van, but we needed it for our crazy day the next day in the big city.

We left there happy, had some Thai food, and here we are in a Best Western with internet connection FINALLY!!! Finding internet on this trip could only be compared to people looking for gold in the old days. So this is nice, but it’s bed time.

Glass of wine next to me and alarm clock that will ring us into a crazy day.

Wish us luck.

This is the big one.

See you for blog 8, we hope.

Troy, Cody, Sandy and Tyson

Hope in the clown car with these gentlemen over at Twitter.