Oh boy, this has been amazing so far, but now we’re really getting into the thick of it. Today we hit 2 stores in El Cerrito and off to San Francisco!!

Stop one is Mod Lang. We pulled into the ally and fell right into our usual routine. Get out of the van and start unloading and displaying the crates and boxes of wax. They came out and started sifting through, pulled out their favorites, wrote a check and BAM, we’re off. Total stop time, 20 minutes. Our fasted stop yet! This was good because we have allot to do today. Next stop, Down Home Records. We were hoping that this stop would be as fast as the first, but these guys wanted to REALLY look at everything we had, and we were more than happy to show them. They grabbed a bit of everything making this stop one of our most successful. Since we were in such a hurry to get to the big city, we had to eat Jack in the Box for brunch. And yes, it sounds strange to call it brunch when you’re eating at Jack in the Box (or as we call it, Jack in the crack) but hey, we’re on the road and ya gots to eat like this sometimes.

We jumped in the van, blasted that catchy ass MGMT record, and we are almost to San Francisco. Pulling into the city was amazing. All of us haven’t been here in a long time, so to see the amazing skyline, bridges and architecture was fabulous. We pick up our friend Matt, who lives here, and he leads us to Aquarius Records! These guys (as well as many of these record store dudes) love the Monks and Serge Gainsbourg vinyl, so the grabbed a bunch of that. This stop was fast because they had already called ahead and let us know what they wanted, so we had some pre-packaged boxes for them put together before we pulled up. This stop was also particularly awesome because we finally got to meet Noah, the guy who is putting together these blogs! We’ve been in touch with Noah this whole trip, and we were excited to run into him (he lives in San Francisco) and he was just as cool as we thought he would be.  So yes,this stop was nice and easy, and now we have to go to Groove Merchant Records.

We pulled up to a place called Grooves Records, thinking that this must be Groove Merchant for some reason, and we went in and said, “hey, we’re from Light in the Attic”, and they looked at us confused. We immediately realized that we were in the wrong store, and before we could apologize, the owner, Kelley, said, “I’ll take a look at what you’ve got.” Yes! He started grabbing our vinyl when we were informed that the guy that was grabbing these vinyl was none other than Sub Pop Recording artist Kelley Stoltz!! This is amazing because Troy and Cody are HUGE Kelley Stoltz fans and have been for years!!!! So he bought a bunch of stuff, and of course Troy had him sign a vinyl and grabbed Cody to take a picture with him. He was so cool, he invited us to his show and said he’s put us on the guest list tonight! Take a wild guess what we’ll be doing our first night in San Francisco.

We hauled ass over to the original destination we were supposed to be at, Groove Merchant, but they wanted us to come back the following day so that they could spend more time looking through the product since they were going to close fairly soon. No problem, we’ve got some time tomorrow.  So now we’re parking the van for the night, finding a place to eat, and getting ready to see Kelley Stoltz tonight.

In other words, can’t complain.

Troy, Cody, and Sandy

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