Man, these roads in California just don’t stop twisting and turning. I think we keep taking the scenic route, when really we should just be on some other highway. Yes, the scenic route would be the prettiest view, but we keep hitting the scenic routes at night! One wrong turn and we’ll be tumbling down a cliff. But hey, we made it and here we are, and it’s been great so far. Woke up in San Francisco, we stayed at Troy and Cody’s friend Matt’s house.

1st stop for Saturday morning was Streetlight Records. This stop was nice and easy, super fast. Within a blink of an eye we were sitting down having some breakfast at a cool little joint called Knead or something. We needed some food since San Francisco kicked our asses only a little the night before. OK, back to normal and ready for stop number two, Groove Merchant. This place was all vinyl, and they mostly specialized in soul, jazz, blues and cool re-issues. Perfect for us, because we’ve gots lots of that stuff. They pulled a bunch out and made this yet another successful stop. This also was our last stop in San Francisco, which it was sad to say goodbye to our friends Jeremy, Sakura, and their daughter Brown.  They are childhood friends of Troy and Cody’s, and they had been riding around with us for these stops in San Fran. We did not say goodbye to Matt though, the dude who let us stay at his house, he was ready to tag along to LA and help us out!

Yes! Thanks Matt!! The more the merrier.

So we piled into our van which is now a tiny bit less crowded, thanks to these great record stores buying our product. Off to Santa Cruz to stop at yet another Streetlight Records. This town was interesting. Very much a beach town with lots of cool stores and places to eat. Streetlight is a BIG store and they were awaiting our arrival. This stop took some time because they wanted to see everything, which is good because, well, that’s what we’re here for. They bought alot, making us happy, and the feeling was mutual. We left them with cool psych stuff, Monks, great compilations, and much more. We found a Mexican restaurant to have some dinner, and I (Troy) bought yet another pair of American Apparel underwear (and no, I wasn’t paid to say that) I’m just trying to collect all colors for some dumb reason. Time to load back into the van and head to San Luis Obispo.

This drive was intense. This is the drive that had the curviest roads we’ve seen, and it was pitch black outside. Tyson is such a fucking champion, he has pretty much driven this entire time. I think he’s even starting to get used to having tunnel vision when he drives. We kept ourselves entertained with our 3rd grade humor and our strange playlist of everything from M83 to Tenacious D. We arrived in San Luis Obispo to meet up with a cool dude named Malik. Malik is the man who is letting us stay at his pad. He is so cool, we pulled up at midnight and he said, “make yourselves at home, I’m going to stay at a girlfriends house, so have at it”. WOW! None of us have ever met him and he is cool enough to let 5 guys crash at his house without him even being there! That’s trust. Thank you Malik!!!!

Anyway, it’s bed time, LA is just around the corner, and we are hitting so many record stores in the coming days that it’s frightening.

Frighteningly badass.

Stay tuned for day whatever it is.


Troy, Cody, Sandy and Tyson

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