Well well well, day 2 was extremely productive. Our vinyl train rode around Portland, OR, stopping first at a place we were at the day before, The CD and Game Exchange. This wasn’t on the itinerary, but they called us and said they wanted us to come back! They wanted to spend more time going through our boxes and boxes of records and cd’s, so of course we obliged. They have one of the best back rooms of a record store we have seen. A huge room with cool sweet posters, full on kitchen, and according to the guys, they have Friday night poker there which Troy wanted to join since he loves Texas Hold ‘em.

But, this wasn’t Friday, it was Tuesday and we had to haul ass over to Jackpot RecordsJackpot has been around for a while, and for good reason. Sandy went in and immediately they were picking out what everyone starts right in on, Monks and Serge Gainsbourg. We had a suspicion they would since they had Monks and Serge displays in the store. We were in and out since we now are locking into a routine and getting this system down like champions.

Over to Exiled Records, a cool little shop with lots of great vinyl. They wanted a ton, and they grabbed a ton! After that, we noticed that we were next to a liquor store. As we were carousing the liquor store isles for the evenings beverage, one of the dudes from Exiled Records came in there and said, “hey guys, any chance I can get more Monks cd’s? “Of course man”, Sandy replied. We may have left without stocking up on booze, but we left Exiled stocked with Monks!!

We stopped at Craig Moerer’s place (Records By Mail), which is a mail order joint that sends records out to people all over the world. We pulled up and opened the back of the van to reveal our endless crates and boxes of records. Instead of having a look of excitement, he had the look of determination. He wanted to see EVERYTHING. So Tyson took a deep breath, flexed his tattooed arms, and jumped in the back of the van and was hauling these crates and boxes out at lightning speed. We have so many different titles from so many different labels from Light in the Attic to Munster to Vampi Soul to many others.  We displayed them all and he went through it, pulling vinyl out from every box. So much so, that Troy thought we should’ve just parked our van in his living room. He was happy, we were happy, and we were off to Albany, OR, near Corvalis.

We pulled up to Ranch Records right on time where Kit, the owner, was eagerly awaiting our arrival. This store not only had cd’s and vinyl, but had amazing rock memorabilia from The Beatles, Elvis, Stones, Nirvana, etc. He knew exactly what he wanted from us and he was FAST. Troy found a Joy Division AND a Leaving Trains vinyl that he’d been searching out for ages. As he was debating what to buy (these hard to find beauties are rare and not cheap) Troy just purchased the Joy Division and Kit said, “hey, that Leaving Trains vinyl is yours, no charge.” Yes! This guy is top notch. Great store, great guy, off to Eugene we go!

It was starting to get dark, so this was our first night drive in the vinyl train. We’d better get used to it, we’ve got a long way to go till San Diego, not to mention about 40 more record stores to hit. So here we are in Eugene in our hotel, thinking about our adventurous 2nd day, thinking about free continental breakfast in the morning, and thinking about the California Sun.

First things first though, Eugene record stores.  Then California, be prepared, these four dudes are coming prepared and armed to the teeth.

With records, of course.

Troy, Cody, Sandy and Tyson

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