Woke up in Sherman Oaks, gearing up for Los Angeles. First though, we’ve got to stop at Freakbeat Records and bring them the goods. Great store, they bought some records, and into the heart of LA we go!

We were all excited to get to Amoeba, most of us have not been there before, and it lived up to all the hype! This place is simply the shit. WOW! They seemed to have everything. We pulled the van into the parking garage and let them have at it. As they were looking through our records and cd’s, we wandered around the store in amazement. If I was a millionaire I could easily drop 10 g’s there, but the buck fifty I’ve dropped on records this trip is already hurting my bank account.

They got what they wanted, and now we head over to a very cool little record store called Vacation. This place was really clean and minimal, vinyl only, and had great records. They had been following our blog and twitters, so they were excited to see us. They bought quite a bit of stuff making us very happy. Thanks Vacation!

We had an interview scheduled with Dave Cooley who’s done mastering work for Light in the Attic, but it was pushed to the following morning. Can’t wait for that, we’ll keep you posted.

Walked through Hollywood, saw all the freaks and wackos, went to Mann’s Chinese Theater, had dinner at a place called the Velvet Margarita or something, and met up with our friend Melanie who was giving us an awesome place to stay for the night.

Gonna go to Sunset Strip and try to not get in big trouble.

Fingers crossed.

See you for the next blog.


Troy, Cody, Sandy and Tyson

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