Light In The Attic Takes Television

There are many varied arms of the unwieldy beast that is the music industry – bands, ringtones, albums, touring, publicity, internet content, the hellish world that is Myspace, and of course, the idiot box itself: television. Our TV/Film Guru Sandy works his purdy lil’ ass off morning and night getting the great music this label puts out in to television shows, movies, and just about anything else defined as screen media. We’re taking the boobtube by storm in the coming weeks and we want you to know about it, so get out the old TIVO remote, and take this shit down!

From Sandy, good old Sandy, who’s even been nice enough to link to a few of the places where you can check these out for free:

We’re happy to announce a couple placements:

- Nicole Willis & The Soul Investigators “If This Ain’t Love” aired on
a recent episode of ABC’s “Brothers & Sisters”, and should be
available to watch online @

- Betty Davis “Walkin’ Down The Road” appeared on episode 3 of the
Showtime original series Californication.

Not bad eh?