Light In The Attic Zine: Issue 5 – Available Record Store Day 2013


Record Store Day is just around the corner, along with the launch of Issue 5 of our anual Light In The Attic Zine! It’s been an exciting year here at LITA, which makes for a killer read!

Zine_Product Shot_01_BLOG

Issue 5 is jam packed with news on our upcoming releases, exclusive interviews, articles, prose from Light In The Attic’s own, and an updated catalog with an old school style tear-out order form, and much much more! The LITA crew will be out and about on Record Store Day (4/20/13), hand-delivering stacks to some of our favorite shops in Seattle and Los Angeles. Such as: Everyday Music Seattle, Silver Platters, Easy Street, Sonic Boom, Wall Of Sound, Amoeba, Mt Analog, Mono Records, Origami Vinyl, Vacation, Permanent, Rockaway Records, Gimme Gimme Records, Pooh Bah, Freakbeat, Wombleton, and CD Trader! Follow us on TWITTER, INSTAGRAM, and FACEBOOK to track us down and snag a copy!


If you’re not in Seattle or Los Angels, or if you plan on hiding under the covers on Record Store Day, don’t worry. You can order a copy of the zine direct from us, at! Copies will also be included inside select releases throughout 2013!

  • “Thoughts From The Top” by Matt Sulivan
  • John Trennoff on the 2012 LITA Road Trip
  • Alex Maas of The Black Angels talks with Roky Erickson
  • Jim Horn on Phil Spector
  • Patrick McCarthy on Big Boys
  • Stephen “Sugar Man” Segerman on Rodriguez
  • “Native North America” by Kevin “Sipreano” Howes
  • “Inner Expansions: Ray Stinnett” by Jessica Hundley
  • A conversation with Marcos Valle $ Rodrigo Amarante
  • “Dig The Looks: Stoughton Printing
  • “This Was The Love Moment: D’Angelo’s Voodoo” by Jason King
  • “Every Bit Of Stock I Have: George Ginn & The Record Album”