Light In The Attic’s 2011 Year End Extravaganza!

It’s a vicious cycle. Seems that every New Year’s Eve we find ourselves slamming Champagne and saying hasta luego to the year soon to be passed and vowing to do more, be better human beings and of course floss once daily in the year to come.

And here we are in late December, starring down another year nearly gone and thinking…what did we even do this year (that flossing business only lasted a month, btw)?

Well, here’s a collection of some of our favorite records, shows, movies, restaurants, books, beverages, and tanning oils from 2011. Happy holidays and see ya next year!

Matt Sullivan

Gold Leaves – The Ornament (Hardly Art)

Portishead, Shrine Auditorium, Oct 18

Analog Coffee, Seattle

Cure For Pain: The Mark Sandman Story (Gatling Pictures)

Charles Bradley – No Time For Dreaming (Dunham)

Group Doueh, Nectar Lounge, June 29

Michael Chapman & Bill Callahan, Troubadour, June 16

Kourosh Yagmaei – Back From The Brink (Now Again)

Black Power Mixtape 1967-75 (Louverture Films)

Friday Night Lights

Warbler Records, Santa Barbara, CA

Michael Kiwanuka – “Tell Me A Tale”

Prince, The Forum, May 13

Jürgen Müller – Science of the Sea (Digitalis)

Sandro Perri – “Changes”

Saying adios to

Tree of Life (Fox Searchlight)

The Who – Quadrophenia- The Director’s Cut Box Set (Universal)

Pat Thomas

hanging out at “Bill’s Off Broadway” on Capitol Hill with Chris Estey, Kathy’s Wolf & Fennessy, and Bill Kennedy

Michael Chapman – Fully Qualified Survivor

Beau Brummels – Bradley’s Barn

trading emails about “truck-drivers” with Gary Groth

Nina Simone – 9 CD box set

cooking on a George Foreman grill

hanging out with Jonathan Zwickel and Woody Carr in Federal Way

accepting no convention be it social or shriner

Big Mario’s Pizza

Black Power Mixtape movie

Patrick McCarthy

Prince, opening night at the Forum

Portishead, Shrine Auditorium, Oct 18

“Art In The Streets” exhibition at MOCA

Big Star Third (Omnivore Recordings), Test Pressing Edition – Record Store Day 2011

Holding the original master tapes for Jim Ford’s Harlan County

Stan Hubbs Crystal (Companion Records)

Ariel Pink – Before Today (4AD)


The Best of Skate Fate 1981-1991 by GSD via Blurb

Yosuke Kitazawa

Sometimes that’s all you need in life.

Light in the Attic:
I may be biased, but LITA put out some amazing releases this year. The
Mowest compilation and Shin Jun Hyun were eye (an ear) openers for me,
not to mention the great reissue of Mercury Rev’s Deserter’s Songs, my
college-era fave.

Beach Boys – Smile
Finally, after listening to bootlegs for over 10 years, a legit copy.

Extra Classic – Your Light Like White Lightening, Your Light Like a
Laser Beam

One of my favorite new releases of 2011.

Jean Claude Vannier at the Hollywood Bowl
At the Serge Gainsbourg tribute show, one of the highlights was when
Jean Claude called up Beck to the stage by saying, “Beck please.”

Zoobombs at the Redwood Bar & Grill
The Japanese veterans tore the place down with their rock funk & roll.

Mickey One
I’d always wanted to see this film, and one day it suddenly showed up
on Hulu. Great movie!

California is amazing, from the desert to the coast. A drink at
Nepenthe and a show at the Henry Miller Library in Big Sur is a
spiritual experience, so is driving through Mendocino while listening
to Sir Douglas Quintet.

SB’s Late Night Lunch Box:
During a cross country road trip, this was the only place open in Las
Cruces, NM at 12am besides Denny’s. Their green chile mac & cheese and
portobello sandwich saved our hungry and angry stomachs.

Panasonic Lumix GH1
Takes great photos & video, and so much smaller than a DSLR. They
might be onto something with this Micro Four Thirds format.

Jon Treneff

The Sandwitches - Mrs. Jones Cookies (Empty Cellar)

Pure X - “You’re In It Now” 12” Pleasure (Acephale)

Total Control - Henge Beat (Iron Lung)

Cass McCombs - Wit’s End – Humor Risk (Domino)

V/A - Krypton Ten (Unwucht)

Shin Joon Hyung - Beautiful Rivers and Mountains (1958-’74) (Light In the Attic)

Water Borders - Harbored Mantras (Tri-Angle)

Widowspeak - Widowspeak (Captured Tracks)

The Clap - Have You Reached Yet (Sing-Sing)

Martin Newell - Songs For A Fallow Land (Fixed Identity)

King Krule - King Krule (True Panther)

Lars Swenson

Guadalajara, Jalisco, MX

Nibbi Adun

Whalebones LP

DHK band

Broken Nobles

Rose Windows

Astral Maps podcast

Jim Ford’s Harlan County

“The Rolling Stones” Seattle’s rawest Stones cover band

Bobby Charles