Seemingly, every Friday we’re going to spend a little time dipping in to the aspects of old Light In The Attic, previously unknown to you.  Last week we talked about our fascination with the statistical elements of sports (don’t nod off their youngster, we’s got thangs to talk about) and next week Not-An-Intern Noah is going to show you some of the 18th corset stitchwork he’s been spending a lot of his time on.

But this week, this week we’re tapping in to our culinary side, and by ours, we mean the special lady of Light In The Attic, the one the only Jennifer Maas.  She’s a film producer, a director (of our upcoming documentary about Wheedle’s Groove), and from what we’ve heard quite a spectacular cook.  We reached out to this untapped resource, pocket lint filling our penniless coats, ramen on the stove, and asked, “Jennifer how can we cook for cheap?”

And Jennifer, sweet angel that she is, sent this right back:

Recession Soup

I always make this delicious beef soup when the winter hits and everyone comes down with some miserable cold. It’ll make the world a happier place…

Brown some stew meat ($4) and an onion ($.75) in a heavy-bottomed stock pot . Add 3 cups of water (free), excessive amounts of fresh thyme (from your garden), a few carrots ($.75), a few cut-up potatoes ($1), and half a bottle of three buck chuck ($3) or any red wine.  If you’ve got a soup bone ($4), throw it in now.  All that stuff inside the soup bone is going to make the soup thicker and better for your damned cold.  Bring to a boil and cook for a few hours. Season to taste with salt and pepper as it’s cooking.  The soup will be warm and brothy.