Lights, Camera, ACTION! Light in the Attic at Space 15 Twenty (Hollywood, CA) Record Fair


Are you in Los Angeles and looking for some sweet record digging action this weekend? If so, look no further than the Space 15 Twenty Record Fair!

Located in the heart of Hollywood and presented by the fine folks at B-Music/Finders Keepers Records, the Space 15 Twenty Record Fair will feature great LA stores like Amoeba Records and Origami Vinyl as well as labels like Drag City and Numero Group (not to mention DJ sets!). Of course we’ll be there with the latest Light in the Attic releases and distributed titles. So don’t be a stranger and stop by!

Space 15 Twenty Record Fair

“A handpicked, specially curated vinyl-only affair”
(okay, and some cassettes and t-shirts!)

Presented by B-Music/Finders Keepers Records

Space 15 Twenty 1520 N. Cahuenga Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90028

Sunday September 26, 2010


Aaron Aldorisio
Amoeba Music
B-Music/Finders Keepers Records (LA/UK)
Burger Records (Fullerton CA)
Chris Guttmacher (Rocksteady Lounge)
Danny Holloway (Dublab)
Dave Orlando + Dina J (Dr. Who)
Dirk Knibbe
Drag City (Chicago IL)
Howie Pyro
Ian Marshall
Jackie Hoodoo (Blackeyed Soul Club)
Jackpot Records (Portland OR)
Jazzman Records (exclusive 45s! London UK)
Jeremy Rendina + Brooks Rice
Jimi Hey
John Tottenham
Kevin Fitzgerald (400 Blows/Cureation)
Light In the Attic (Seattle WA)
Living Tapes (LA)
Mississippi Records (OR)
Now Again (LA)
Numero Group (Chicago IL)
Mexican Summer (NY)
Oliver Wang (
Origami Vinyl
Rotter and Friends (NY)
Tita Ortega
Travis “TK” Disco
Duke from
Zach Cowie + Scott Craig (Records LA)
Wierd Records (Brooklyn NY) + Killing Spree DJs (LA)

Adam Bennati (Early Man)
Jackie Hoodoo + Jason Pandora (Blackeyed Soul)
Tony Presedo
Turquoise Wisdom
Joel Black (Sweaters LA)
Dr. Who DJs

Co-presented by Amoeba Music, Dublab, Wax Poetics

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