LITA In Japan!


A couple members of the LITA fam are in Tokyo! They’re on the hunt for long lost psych polka kabuki jams from the 1920s. Stay tuned, as these far out sounds will be gracing your turntable in due time! LITA-nites Matt Sullivan and Yosuke Kitazawa are will be DJ-ing a set at Dublab Japan ( on 10/14 from 9-11pm and they will be DJ-ing at The Room (Shibuya) on 10/16 from 11pm onwards. If you’re in Tokyo come by and say hello at both events! If you say the password “polka kabuki” you’ll get a hug from one of your trusty Light In The Attic representatives.

PLUS, Diskunion is holding an awesome LITA sale for all of October- 50% off LITA CDs and 33% off LITA LPs! This sale is taking place at the following Diskunion locations:

Oh my god, JAPAN!!!